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Sovereign RR
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This clan was founded back in 2004 upon Sovereign RR leaving the HHIL clan to start something of his own. HHIL was such a massive clan set in a military structure but had no direction and poor leadership. Sovereign RR founded f*nU as a point of proof that someone can start a small clan that packs a punch. f*nU grew to six members and transformed to *nMe with the concept in mind of being the one enemy on the game that others would remember.

*nMe entered into the professional circuit back when GameBattles was separate from Major League Gaming (MLG) with the intent of making the now 36 members strong, professional gamers. At the time the structure of the clan was Leader, Co-Leader, Tier Leader, Tier Co-Leader all with a new individual task. Scrimmages were run on weekly basis to see how each Tier stacked against each other. Before long the clan functioned on a skill system Tier 1/Tier 2 being the highly skilled and it went down from there. Through lack of effort a survey was placed to find the devoted members.

Through the survey came the initial members of vRRM: The Elite Circuit of *nMe. vRRM is founded on the premise that everyone starts at their own skill level and seeks to improve. The tiers today are not based around skill but around the individuals they play with on a daily basis thus encouraging tactical play amongst friends and a better environment for their skill level to increase. vRRM has taken on the persona of Velocity Gaming with the same initial values, we play to win but we also play to better ourselves as players.

Revolver Gaming Network was formed to unify the brand underneath the logo designed for Velocity Gaming.  It would be easier for consumers to identify us better with the name change.  All values built in Velocity Gaming have been carried over, with this network transformation there is a large push in making what we have a viable business for everyone working here alongside our endeavours in professional gaming.


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